Anti Termite Treatment

Regular Basis by spraying fogging gas and chemicals at the most affordable rates.

Interior Decoration

One of the most popular modeling projects involves putting together master bedroom designs.

Water Proofing

We are specialised in water proofing all types of factory, commercial and domestic roofs.


Paint is used to protect Eg. covering of metal to retard corrosion, and the painting of a house to help protect it from nature’s elements.


Caretakers was established by in 1994 by late S.Harminder Singh Bakshi and now running by Mr.Davinder Singh Bakshi who are presently dealing in complete range of building protection service, system and material like pest control,waterproofing,all type of paint(interior& exterior).
Caretakers is a team of professionals engaged in specialized jobs of water proofing termite control, pest control and all types/range of paints.

Caretakers has acknowledged reputation for quality, gained and maintained by excellence of its services, products and by strong commitment to customer’s satisfaction our strategy is to
maintain this reputation in the market by consistently meeting customers expectations and updating the technical knowledge regarding our products and services.

Caretakers are an experienced firm and can handle all type of project within schedule time frame as per commitment. Having a practical experience of over 18 year of providing quality products, service & after sale services.


Do you agree that a time (stage)comes in everybody’s life, when one feel utterly helpless and is at loss to find an answer or solution to problem such as:

1). When all the effort comes to a mought- you have constructed an experience building for a house, an industry.

2). Your product is ready in cartons-`stoked neatly in your godown but before the dispatch you discover horror that the termite(deemak) has played havoc with the cases and the product has also been affected badly.

3). Who would like to visit or stay at a cockroach house-your children have come on holiday’s and your guests are enjoying your hospitality at the dinning table and a rat zooms past, you witness a lizard running after a cockroach.

4). Silver fish here bugs there-to your dismay you have to confront red bugs coming out of the toilet, small insect playing in the wardrobe or teddies propping out of the pockets of your clothes hanging in the almitahs or your expensive carpet being eaten by the carpet beetle or your valuable books and important files have been damaged beyond redeurptions.

5). Silver fading on the face of the flowers or pride items giving way to despair. You have a garden, beautiful lawn and colorful flowers, but you find that the grass is withering and loosing its breenery while brown earth is coming out of the lawn and flowers are fading.
Now in case you have any of this problem but do not have any permanent solution then time to worry is now over because we have the authentic answer to each one of your problem. In case you intend to keep everything but hand over worrisome part to us.

Then kindly visit our office or call us on phone, we shall be pleased to visit your office/residence.